Put Your Name on Your Paper was created with a bold goal to provide teachers student-centered lessons and management tips, so every teacher can guide their students to success.


This blog is going to help you say, "I CAN" to:

  • Managing multiple preps by providing engaging lesson plans
  • Introduce new teacher technology that will help focus your students
  • Provide fun and inspiring ideas that will guide struggling students to gain a new confidence with math concepts
  • Organize your classroom so that your life becomes less stressful!

ML Williams

Hello! I’m ML Williams, Ms. ML to my students and ML to my friends. I am a coffee drinking, wife, mom, outdoors lover, Christ follower, and middle school teacher. I began teaching middle school in 2000 and have taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. I’ve taught in three different schools and I’m learning to say, "no" to grade level changes. 🙂