My first year of teaching was exciting and scary!  One of my main concerns was classroom management.  I was lucky to have a wonderful team of teachers working with me and they shared many of their systems for classroom management.

One of the most beneficial items I was given is what I call my “check sheet”.  I use this form daily to record student attendance, tardies, and behavior.  The “check sheet” has the student names listed alphabetically.  There are five boxed for each day of the week and I use number codes to record the day’s events for each child.

This is super helpful in parent conferences because I can tell the parents exactly what is happening in the classroom.  It also helps me understand and help the students be more successful in my classroom. I love my classroom management check sheets.

BUT, there is so much more to classroom management than just catching “bad” behaviors.  I think it is VERY important to reward good behavior.  A classroom management tool for the tech savvy that has been around for a while is Classroom Dojo. I really like Dojo but I haven’t been able to divorce my paper check sheets completely. I tried the app a couple of years ago and the students LOVED it – it dings for good behavior points and bongs for bad behaviors deductions.  The students are also assigned avatars.  I liked it because the students REALLY paid attention to their behaviors and would remind me if I forgot to give/take points.  However, I did not like it for parent conferences.  I was not able to print a satisfactory report documenting student behavior.

One last word, in this post, about classroom management.  As I said above, there is so much more to classroom management than just catching “bad” behaviors.  Sometimes I get caught up in procedures…  Well, I found a really good post by Courtney at thenumbertwentyone blog.  The post was made a couple of years ago but it still rings true and it brings me back to Earth when procedures block my way…  The post is called #msSunFun- Classroom Management.

I hope you will try at least one of these classroom management strategies in your classroom!

If you would like a copy of my classroom behavior sheet, you can download it from my TPT store here or using the link below.