Engagement Strategies

Word Walls in the Secondary Classroom

Why a Word Wall? In my fifth year of teaching I was told I had to have a word wall.  In all honesty, I thought the idea was dumb.  I printed a bunch of words on colored copy paper and… Continue Reading →

Random Grouping Cards

I love putting my students in groups! I believe that grouping students is an effective way to help students learn and it encourages student leadership. One of the easiest ways to group students is to use grouping cards. I made… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to have Your Students Work in Groups

It increases student achievement. Students are responsible for their own learning. It increases retention. Students have a positive feeling toward the subject matter. It gives more time toward student learning. Students are active learners. It lowers student frustration and anxiety…. Continue Reading →

The Look and Sound of Effective Groups

What Effective Groups Look Like… Eyes – on the task or looking at the person talking. Mouth – only one mouth is moving at a time. Hands – busy working on the task or still on desk while listening. Feet… Continue Reading →

I Spy Colored Rice Bottles

Last week, I was cleaning out my classroom closet and found an activity that I haven’t used in years… It was my I Spy Scientific Notation and Law of Exponent colored rice bottles. My students LOVED playing with these! On… Continue Reading →

Geocaching Game

I love to hike. I spend many of my breaks from school hiking because I am interested in the outdoors and hiking my students have taken an interest. I decided I would create some games so my students could feel… Continue Reading →

6 Games for Learning Vocabulary Words

It’s been awhile!  I’ve been so busy with my student blogging site that I haven’t taken the time to share classroom strategies with my teacher friends.  Today, I’d like to share 6 games I’ve been using in my classroom to… Continue Reading →

Talk Moves Talkie Talk

Me and my teacher friend started using Talk Moves (our name for it is Talkie Talk!) a couple of years ago.  At first, we were both thinking what is this crazy stuff but after we started using Talkie Talk we… Continue Reading →

What is Rigor?

What is Rigor? Rigor is… Everyone is talking about rigor in the classroom. So what is rigor? Well, first let me tell you what rigor is not. Rigor is not unfriendly. It is not boring or fun-free. You do not… Continue Reading →

Classroom Game Boards #3 – Stinky Boots

Welcome Back! This is Week 3 of the Classroom Game Boards Series The past two weeks I’ve posted about FREE board games I use in my classroom.  The first post was Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails.  This game is based on… Continue Reading →

Classroom Game Board #4 – Picking Wildflowers

Welcome Back! This is Week 4 of the Classroom Game Boards Series The past three weeks I’ve posted about FREE board games I use in my classroom.  The first post was Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails.  In the second series I shared, Race… Continue Reading →

Classroom Game Boards #2 – Race to the Waterfall

Welcome Back! This is Week 2 of the Classroom Game Boards Series Classroom game boards are SO much fun!  Last week, I started a classroom game board series called That Dog has Its Own Tent!  The first game I created is… Continue Reading →

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