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Probability Games – Scrambled Eggs And Buttermilk Biscuits

This is another Scrambled Eggs And Buttermilk Biscuits Probability Games.  I started making these a couple of months ago and they’ve been a big hit with the students. SUPER FUN game!! Arrange students into groups of 2 to 6 players. Give… Continue Reading →

Ratios and Proportions Mini-Posters

I have learned a lot this year about Ratios and Proportions!  Our district changed over to the common core standards, and we were given a new textbook.  The new textbook was “perfect” for teaching the common core standards.  We were… Continue Reading →

Real Number Online Game

My students have always loved playing online games.  I use these as fillers for my classes that finish their work early and I use them on a regular basis with my inclusion classes. I found a real number online game… Continue Reading →

Pythagorean Theorem – U-verse in Your Neighborhood

I say, “Opposites attract”.  Dr. Phil says, “Can opposites stay together without driving each other crazy?”  The answer is YES!!!!  I have the GREATEST teacher partner EVER!  We are such opposites that together we are perfect 🙂  And, we only… Continue Reading →

Integer War Adding and Subtracting Integers Math Game

If you’ve every played the card game War, you will know exactly how to play Integer War.  In the Integer War adding & subtracting integers math game, the students will place one of their cards face up in the middle of… Continue Reading →

Statistics Task Cards

How it started Statistics Task Cards are a fun way to review!  I have been using problems around the room for years.  I just never called these task cards because I only used them for problems around the room.  I… Continue Reading →

Air-O-Plane for Measure of Central Tendency

I have had this measure of central tendency activity in my “things to try folder” for years, and today I am kicking myself for not using it sooner! The students have been learning about probability and statistics so I decided… Continue Reading →

Percent Fortune Tellers – Percent of a Number and Finding Percent of

Percent of a Number and Finding Percent of I love these percent fortune tellers! My students love them too! I have used fortune tellers in my classroom since the very first year I started teaching.  When I first started using… Continue Reading →

Percents – Scrambled Eggs And Buttermilk Biscuits

Sundays are my day to make a BIG breakfast!  I always make homemade buttermilk biscuits.  While they’re in the oven, I decided to make a game for my students.  The game has percent problems for the students and I named… Continue Reading →

Laws of Exponents Math Game – Kick Me!

Super FUN game with NO kicking! My students have so much fun this math game!  The class is divided into two teams.  Each of the teams will get a set of playing cards.  Teams will attach the problems to their back… Continue Reading →

Laws of Exponents – Bingo!

Bingo game for playing laws of exponents.  My students have been begging for a bingo math game. The students will have to work lots and lots of problems to win the bingo game! This file is a ZIP file. It… Continue Reading →

Math Games Integer Operations with Fortune Tellers

A while back, I posted about Math Games Decimal Operations with Fortune Tellers.  My students really liked these fortune tellers (Cootie Catchers) so I made another set for the students – Math Games Integer Operations with Fortune Tellers. There are so… Continue Reading →

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