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Whoo Knew Integers Rule! Five Different Math Games for Integers

Teaching integers can certainly be a challenge!  The students don’t seem to remember integer rules from day to day or they get them confused.  I started using Whoo Knew Integers Rule! a math game for integers in my classroom about 10… Continue Reading →

Multiplying Integers Tic-Tac-Toe Integers

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving!  I love having all of the family together at the same time and watching the kids play…  not to mention all of the food! But until then, we are multiplying integers 😉 I love teaching… Continue Reading →

Integer Games – Scrambled Eggs and Buttermilk Biscuits

Integer Games – My students always need a review on integers. This is a topic they should already have mastered; however, a few of them are still trying to remember or understand the concept.    I made an activity about… Continue Reading →

Subtracting Integers Math Game – Bama Bomb!

Alabama and LSU always have a fun, exciting, and competitive football game.  The students are always talking about the game so I decided to create a subtracting integers math game. How to Play Bama Bomb!  A Subtracting Integers Game Students play… Continue Reading →

Once Around an Integer Math Game

I love Glencoe’s Integer Math Game!  This is a game by Glencoe that I modified to fit my classroom and it has stood the test of time. My students love working integer problems using this game – much more than… Continue Reading →

Ordering Integers Math Activity

Ordering integers math activity is one of the easiest activities to setup.  It is also very easy for the students to play.  The activity only requires pencil and paper which makes it a quick kinda on the fly activity when you need… Continue Reading →

Ordering Integers Math Activity – Human Number Line

Get up and move with this classroom activity for ordering integers!!!  I love all the things I can do with these integer cards.  When I start the integers unit, I always begin by review how integers are ordered on a… Continue Reading →

Hi Low Ordering Integers Math Game

I love using math games to teach my students and reinforce skills they have learned. Hi Low Ordering Integers Math Game is a wonderfully fun way to introduce students to ordering integers using a math game.  In this math game, students… Continue Reading →

Adding and Subtracting Integers – Four in a Row Integer

I love this game and so do my students!  It is based on the board game, Connect Four.  Students try to get four markers in a row while honing their adding and subtracting integers skills.  They’ll have to think ahead… Continue Reading →

Adding and Subtracting Integers -Can I Have Your Number?

There are two things I want my students to know backwards and forwards before leaving the 7th grade.  Those two things are adding and subtracting integers and equations.  If they can do those two things they will be successful in… Continue Reading →

Absolute Value Associate

I love getting my students up and moving around the room especially when we are learning about absolute value.  I’ve found that it cuts down on classroom management problems and the students are actively engaged in the learning process. Absolute… Continue Reading →

Rolling Expressions Math Game

My first year of teaching was very exciting!  I loved trying all the games I had made in college.  There are a few games that have survived throughout the years.  One of these games is Rolling Expressions Math Game!  I… Continue Reading →

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