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Editing Photos with iPiccy

I was playing around on the Internet today because it is raining outside AND boy did it pay off!  I am the WORST picture editor in the world.  My pictures never have great color and their is always background items… Continue Reading →

Creating a Semi Transparent Background in MS Powerpoint

Semi Transparent Background in MS Powerpoint Tutorial

Create a Post Signature with My Live Signature

I want to share a site I found that creates a signature for your blog.  I was told, many years ago, that to create a signature you need to sign your name on a sheet of paper with a felt… Continue Reading →

Copy and Paste in MS Powerpoint

Grab My Button Code Generator

When I started blogging, I read a lot of tutorials.  I looked at my favorite blogs.  I noticed that quite a few of my favorite blogs had a Grab My Button in their sidebar.  I have been writing html, javascript,… Continue Reading →

Creating Blog Site Buttons

I love seeing all the cute blog site buttons!  Bloggers are SO creative!  I also love putting cute site buttons from my favorite blogs on my site.  Last weekend, I created a blogroll.  It was so easy running to the… Continue Reading →

Downloading Youtube Videos with Savemedia

A few weeks ago I posted a video tutorial about downloading videos from Youtube with Firefox and Flashgot. I’ve found another way to save videos for offline viewing. You can learn more by view the tutorial below! Download Youtube Videos… Continue Reading →

Creating a Semi Transparent Background in MS Word

Semi Transparent Background in MS Word Tutorial

Creating a Transparent Image Background in MS Powerpoint

There’s always a time when you need the background of an image to just disappear! There is a way to make this happen in both MS Word and MS Powerpoint. The video below shows you how to make an image… Continue Reading →

myFontbook Another Font Manager

A few weeks ago I posted a video tutorial for Nexus Font Manger. I helps you organize the fonts on your computer. You can see the post here. Today, I want to tell you about myFontbook. myFontbook is a great… Continue Reading →

Nexus Font Manager

I love fonts! I have SO many cute fonts and I soon learned that it’s hard to keep them all organized and remember what you have on the computer. I found a really nice program for viewing my fonts called… Continue Reading →

Creating a Talking Avatar with Voki

Want a talking avatar for you classroom presentations? Voki is a fun and interesting way to present information to your students. Watch the video below to learn how you can create your avatar!

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