Welcome Back! This is Week 4 of the Classroom Game Boards Series

The past three weeks I’ve posted about FREE board games I use in my classroom.  The first post was Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails.  In the second series I shared, Race to the Waterfall, and in the third week I shared, Stinky Boots.

Classroom Game Boards Classroom Board Game Classroom Board Games

Classroom Game Board How To

This week’s classroom game board is called Picking Wildflowers.  The game board is designed for 2 to 4 players.  To begin the game, give each player three wildflowers.  Place the remaining flowers in a bunch next to the game board.  Players will begin on the trailhead space.  The first player will draw a task cards and solve the problem.  The other players will check the problem.  If the problem is correct, the player will roll the die and move the appropriate number of spaces.  If the problem is solved incorrectly, the player does not roll the die and does not move.  Play continues with player 2 drawing a task card and solving the problem.

Classroom Game Board Classroom Game Board

The object of the game is to give away all of your wildflowers by landing on the waterfall, deer, or woodpecker.  Whenever you land on one of these three images, you can give a wildflower to another player of your choice.  If you land on the bear or skunk, you have to pick another wildflower for the bunch next to the game board.  The winner of the game is the player who gives all of his/her wildflowers away first!

Classroom Game Board Classroom Game Board

This game can be used with any task cards or questions you have in your classroom.  I have several sets of task cards in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  If you would like a specific set of task cards created for you, please use the contact link to send me an email!

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