Welcome Back! This is Week 2 of the Classroom Game Boards Series

Classroom game boards are SO much fun!  Last week, I started a classroom game board series called That Dog has Its Own Tent!  The first game I created is called  Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails.  This game is played like many of the classic board games.  My students really like Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails.

Classroom Game Boards Race To The Waterfall

The second game I created for the game board series is Race to the Waterfall.  In this game the game warden will read a task card to the hikers.  The hikers will solve the problem without letting anyone see their answer.  When the game warden says, “Let me see your permit”, the hikers show their answers.  If the hiker has the problem correct, they move to the next footprint.  if the hiker has the problem incorrect, they do not move their game piece.

Race To The Waterfall

Play continues until at least one of the players reach the waterfall.  There will be more than one winner in this game.  Many times, all the players will reach the waterfall at the same time.


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