Welcome Back! This is Week 3 of the Classroom Game Boards Series

The past two weeks I’ve posted about FREE board games I use in my classroom.  The first post was Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails.  This game is based on classic board games with a start and a finish.  The second week I shared Race to the Waterfall.  In this game, students solve problems in a race to the waterfall.

Classroom Game Boards Classroom Board Game

This week’s classroom board game is called Stinky Boots!  I first saw this game on Teaching in the Fast Lane.  I played Stinky Feet for years but then decided to modify it because my students were so interested in my hiking trips.  (Every time we have a day off, they want me to take them hiking!)

Classroom Board Games Classroom Board Games

Teacher Prep

Write positive and negative numbers on the “sticky” side of about 25 sticky notes.  I use the small sticky notes but any size will work.

Instructions for the Classroom Board Game

Stinky Boots and Stinky Feet are played the same way.  You begin by putting your students into groups.  I put my students into groups of 5-10 depending on the type of class I’m teaching.  The teacher or student leader will ask a question from a task card.  The groups will work together to solve the problem.  When the groups are finished or time is up, the teacher will use the Numbered Heads Together strategy to call on group for their answers.  All of the groups whose answers are correct get to choose a sticky note from the Stinky Boots poster.  Students will write their points on the board.  (I draw a table with columns for each team on the board so I can see the scores.)

Classroom Board Game - Stinky Feet

Each of the sticky notes will have a different point value on it and, since the points are on the sticky side, the students don’t know what their number will be!

Play continues until you run out of questions, time is up, or all of the sticky notes have been used.  To find the winner, students will total their points.  The team with the highest score wins!

Download from TPT