Pinterest is WONDERFUL! It can be used in so many different ways from your personal life to business to education. There are so many resources on Pinterest, you will want to create a teacher Pinterest account!  Let’s do that now!

Setting Up a Pinterest Account

You will want a separate account for your teacher and classroom pins.  Open Pinterest in your web browser.  Enter your email address and a password.

Creating a Pinterest Account

Now, enter your name, age, and gender.  Click on “Come On In”.

Create a Pinterest Account

You will need to select five topics to follow.  For my teacher account, I only follow educational Pinners.  You can select from a list or you can enter a keyword.

Follow Pinners

Pinterest will offer you the Pin Button.  I highly recommend clicking “Get It Now”.  This button will be put at the top of your browser so you can pin anything you come across.  You can also click “skip” if you do not want this button.

Get It Now Pin It Button

Give Pinterest a few seconds to build your feed!  You now have your Pinterest account!!!

Building a Pinterest Feed

Create Your Pinterest Profile

Find your name in the top right hand section of your computer screen.  Click on your name.  Clicking on your name takes you to your boards.  Right now, you do not have any boards created but you will shortly!

Click on Your Name

Click on “Edit Profile”.

Pinterest Edit Profile

You will need to enter all of your profile information on this pop-up screen.

  • Name
  • Picture
  • Usename
  • About You
  • Location
  • Website

All of the sections are optional except for the name and username section.

Teacher Pinterest Account Profile

You’re done!  You now have a teacher Pinterest account.  So what will you do with it?  Check out ‘Pinterest a Social Network for Teachers‘ to find out how Pinterest can enhance your classroom.

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