I am refinishing my childhood toy box.  When I was very little, my mom bought an unfinished wooden toy box. Mom finished the toy box in a walnut finish.  It was really pretty back then but, me and my sister, used it everyday.  We put stickers all over it, banged it up, and much more!

When I bought my house, mom gave the toy box to me.  It has been in its original condition (at my house) for the last ten years.  I had a few toys stored in it and it is my dog’s favorite look out spot.  You can see where his claws scratched the top.

Since I’m redecorating, I decided it was time to refinish the toy box.  The bottom of the toy box is coming out and the back has some loose staples.

The first thing I did was remove the hardware and sand.

The stickers would not come off with the sanding sponge so I used a 5 in 1 to scrape them off.  Then I re-sanded the places where I had scraped.

Next, I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some paint.  I chose Krylon Dual, Krylon Fusion, and Krylon Color Master for my colors.  I painted the entire toy box (not the top) with Krylon Dual paint and primer.

I had a few runs so I used the 5 in 1 to scrap the runs down.  If you don’t get rid of the runs they will ALWAYS show threw.  When the primer was dry, I covered the box with Krylon Fusion.

I am planning to distress the toy box so the white will be my base color.  I used Krylon Island Splash for my top coat.

The blue is a little bit too much like baby blue…  I will fix that later!  Distressing the toy box was really FUN!  I used a sanding sponge, steel wool pad, and a damp cloth. (Make sure your paint is dry before you distress or you will “roll” the paint.)  First, I started the distressed spot with the sanding sponge.  Then I used the steel wool to get a few smaller distressed marks and, finally, I used a damp cloth to make the distressed mark blend.

This is what the toy box looks like so far.  I have only sanded the lid and the blue is still too baby blue…  I’m going to take care of that next.

I used Valspar Clear Mixing Glaze (Lowe’s brand) and Minwax Medium Walnut stain to get an older look.  I mixed the glaze and stain in a plastic cup.  I filled the cup half way full of glaze and used a plastic spoon to add the stain.

I applied the glaze/stain mix with a brush.  I slopped it everywhere – it looked like a second grader had painted it!  I did try to coat it evenly so it would dry at the same rate.  I allowed the glaze/stain mix to dry for about 10 minutes.  Then I took a cotton cloth and lightly wiped it off leaving some of the glaze and stain on the toy box.

This toned down the baby blue a bit and made it look a little more worn.

Now, I started working on the lid.  I wanted to keep the lid the same color my mother finished it all those years ago (about 40 years!).  To rejuvenate the lid, I used Old English Scratch Cover for dark woods.

This is the lid before I applied the Old English.  (The lid had been sanded and stickers had been removed.)

This is the lid after I used the Old English on it.

WOW!  This stuff works GREAT!

This is the finished toy box!  It’s going to look great in the guest bedroom 🙂

Refinishing My Childhood Toy Box

I can’t wait for my mom to see it!!!