I LOVE fonts!  I love fat fonts!  I love skinny fonts!  I love wispy fonts!  I love free handwriting fonts!  I love wingding fonts!  I LOVE ALL FONTS!!

There are a ton of places on the Internet to find cute fonts.  There are a few that I use on a regular basis.  The first font site I started visiting was Font Freak.  They have a wide variety of fonts and they are listed in alphabetical order…  The only thing I don’t like about font freak is the fonts are not organized in categories.  Also, they don’t have a page with newly added fonts.  I did a lot of digging to find my fonts but it was worth it!

The next font site I use is DaFont.  My teacher friend used this site regularly so I was sort of forced to start using it.  But, after using it a few times, I realized I liked it much better than Font Freak.  I really like the categories and the recently added fonts – this makes it SO easy to find new cute fonts really fast!The next font site I use is Kevin & Amanda Fonts for Peas. This site has some of the GREATEST handwriting fonts I’ve seen anywhere!  It also has a page that teaches you how to create your own font!  They have a step-by-step guide and they might even post your font on their site – FUN!

Do you like fonts as much as I do?  Send me a link to your favorite font!  I’d LOVE that 🙂

Here is another site that allows you to create your own fonts: http://www.yourfonts.com/.  I have not used yourfonts.com but I have heard some good things about it.