I love to hike. I spend many of my breaks from school hiking because I am interested in the outdoors and hiking my students have taken an interest. I decided I would create some games so my students could feel like they were hiking too. We use several board games in the classroom that you can download here – Hiking Thru Math Mountain, Picking Wildflowers, Race to the Waterfall, and Stinky Boots.

GeoCaching Classroom Game

The game I’m sharing today is called GeoCaching. The only materials you will need for this game are vocabulary cards and a dry erase/chalk board. You will choose two students to be the geocachers. The geocachers will go to the front of the classroom and face the other students in the class. The teacher will write a vocabualry word on the board (behind the geocachers) so the class can see the word but the geocachers cannot see it.

Then the two geocachers will take turns calling on volunteers to give them one clue word. The students in the classroom must raise their hands to be called on and can give ONLY a one word clue. The geocacher who guesses the vocabulary word correctly is the winner. That geocacher will stay at the front of the room and the student who gave the final clue will replace the other geocacher.

NOTE: Sometimes I allow the students to draw pictures especially if we are in a Geometry unit.

Geocaching Game

You can download the directions for the Geocaching Game here.