A colleague of mine lost his father not too long ago. Having lost my father, I understood what he was feeling and how he was holding on to all that was dear…

He pulled, from his wallet, a tattered and torn piece of paper. You could tell this piece of paper had been opened and closed many times. It was also obvious that he had had it for some time. He explained that he had been carrying the assignment in his wallet ever since his parents completed it. He told me that whenever he was feeling alone or needed to feel his parents’ love he would pull the homework assignment from his wallet and read what his parents had written.

Loving Your Teen

This is the letter and instructions for the assignment: (modified for my parents)

A Meaningful Homework Assignment for Parents

The assignment asked that parents complete the sentence starter. These are the sentece starters used on the assignment:

I was so touched by his reaction to the assignment that I started using it in my class. I hope that you will be able to find a use for this assignment in your classroom or life. You can download a MS Publisher version here or the PDF version here.