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EveryonePinterest Love loves Pinterest Love Pinterest and there are a lot of us that are addicted to it!  Pinterest is a great social network for teachers to organize and present information to students.  It is also a great way for students to share information with the teacher and other classmates. Let’s look at some ways you can use Pinterest a Social Network for Teachers in your classroom!

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What is Pinterest?

Millions of people use Pinterest daily. I know I’m one of them. They are sharing pictures, DIY projects, quotes, memes, research materials, wedding ideas, and much more. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks on the Internet. If you haven’t used Pinterest, read this post to create your own Pinterest account.

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Why Should I Use Pinterest in My Classroom


As every teacher knows, social media has changed our classrooms.  The students we teach love social networking so why shouldn’t we use it in our classrooms?  Well, why shouldn’t we!?!?!

There are numerous ways to use Pinterest in your classroom from pinning blog posts to youtube videos.  Pinterest makes it much easier for students and parents to refer to these pins later.

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Ways to Use Pinterest a Social Network for Teachers in Your Classroom

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  1. Teacher Organization
    Pinterest can really help get your lesson resources organized. You can create a board for each of your topics. When you are ready to write your lesson plans, voila!, everything you need in one place.
  1. Add Subject Specific Images for Classroom Discussions
    Pinterest Boards make it very easy to sort your content. Make boards available to your students or use a SMART/digital projector in the classroom to get a conversation started. You can find interesting bits of information across the web that will give you a conversation starter. History, architecture, photography, education, science, art and technology are just some of the categories you can search on Pinterest.
  1. Youtube Video Clips
    This one is pretty easy. You can pin Youtube video clips in boards to use in your classroom. You can also have your students find video clips to share on a collaborative board.
  1. Lesson Plan Swap
    Post you lesson ideas to Pinterest and use lessons from other teachers! What a great way to save time and get some new ideas for your classroom.


  1. Professional Development
    Connect with other professionals on Pinterest. Together you can develop your teaching skills!
  1. New Teaching Strategies or a Fresh Look at Old Strategies
    Sometimes old strategies become dull but, as we all know, strategies often get repackaged and renamed. What strategies do you use in yuor classroom that work but simply need a facelift?
  1. Inspire Your Students
    There are a wide range of inspirational sayings, images, cartoons, etc. on Pinterest.
  1. Infographics
    Have an infographics board for each of your classroom topics. Each time you run across an infographic you find interesting add it to your board so it will be there the next time you need it for the classroom.
  1. Find Activities for Your Classroom
    Need an activity? Pinterest has activities for every grade level and every subject. Have your students use Pinterest to find a project for your classroom.


  1. Decorating Your Classroom
    I definately use Pinterest for this! I love seeing all the beautiful classrooms on Pinterest. It always helps me get out of my summer mindset and into the new year.
  1. Classroom Management Ideas
    New teachers this is a great place for you to begin. Many veterain teachers share their classroom management ideas on Pinterest. It only takes a second to try these new ideas.
  1. Bulletin Boards
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bulletin boards on Pinterest! I really struggle with bulletin boards. I can come up with an idea I like but I just can’t seem to make the board POP. Pinterest is a great way to improve your bulletin boards or use one that you find.
  1. DIY Anything!
    What to find a DIY project or just get inspired? Search Pinterents for DIY or Crafts it’s a great way fo find classroom project ideas or end of the year ideas.
  1. Digital Newspapers
    Students can use Pinterest to gather digital images for their newspaper. Pinterest is also a great way to share your class’ digital paper.


  1. Student Portfolios
    Have students create a board about themselves and share it with the class. This is a great beginning of the year activity.
  1. Classroom Projects
    Create a board as a classroom project and have your students post to that board! You will get a different perspective from each student and they will be sharing their ideas with other students in the classroom.
  1. New Books to Read, Recommend, and Reading Units
    Pinterest has numerous information about books that are interesting and recommendations from other teachers. You could also have your students create a list of recommended reads to share with other students at your school.
  1. Collaborative Boards
    I have mentioned several times about having students share information on a Pinterest board. You can create a board where other Pinterest Pinners add a pin. All of the pins show up on one board! It’s a great way to have students collaborate on a project or in a classroom discussion. You can learn how to create a collaborative board by reading, “Pinterest Collaborative Boards for Teachers“.
  1. Showcase Your Students’ Work
    Super simple and parents love this! You can have a board with images to share with parents. You can share images of student work, students working in groups, class field trips, etc.

Pinterest Fact

  1. Mobile App
    With the mobile app, students and parents can use Pinterest anywhere!
  1. Pin It Button
    The Pin It Button makes it really easy to share pins on your board.