Pythagorean Theorem

I say, “Opposites attract”.  Dr. Phil says, “Can opposites stay together without driving each other crazy?”  The answer is YES!!!!  I have the GREATEST teacher partner EVER!  We are such opposites that together we are perfect 🙂  And, we only drive each other crazy on Mondays – just kidding.

This past week we finished up Pythagorean Theorem.  As a culminating activity, she found a map activity were the students are calculating the length of cable needed to install U-verse in your neighborhood.  Not only was this activity fun and a perfect finale to Pythagorean Theorem, we were able to use all the talk moves and problem solving strategies the county has been “pushing”.

Pythagorean Theorem – U-verse in Your Neighborhood

Here is a link to the activity:  Pythagorean Theorem. ( She has just started blogging so give her a shout!)

Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem on HighHeelsAndNumber2Pencils

UPDATE: Since this post, I have changed schools and I’ve remade the AT&T U-verse activity. I wanted the map to reflect my current school. If you would like to download a copy of my activity, click here.