How it started

Statistics Task Cards are a fun way to review!  I have been using problems around the room for years.  I just never called these task cards because I only used them for problems around the room.  I read an eBook about task cards from Minds in Bloom Blog by Rachel Lynette. WOW! I can use my problems around the room for SO much more!

The problems around the room where simply numbered multiple choice problems.  Sometimes, they were short answer but basically they were all task cards.  Rachel said that good task cards should have a number, a title, and multiple choice/short answer problems.  She also said that you could add a border and clip art to make them more appealing to the students.  Bam!  I added the title and border – PRESTO! – math task cards!

Right now, we are learning about statistics in 7th and 8th grade.  I had problems for math around the room, and now I have task cards.  In the eBook, Rachel said that you could use these with classroom games, so I got a couple of my games out of the filing cabinet, took them home and made my husband play them with me.  They worked great with the task cards! (Oh, and I won in the game with my husband!!)

The next day, I made copies and tested it in the classroom.  The students loved it!  I used the task cards with Hiking Thru Math Mountain Trails and Stinky Boots.  The students told me that they still liked math around the room but this was a nice change.  They also told me to come up with some more games 🙂

About the Statistic Task Cards

The Statistic Task Cards contain 22 multiple choice cards and there are 18 short answer cards.  The cards come two per page with a total of 35 pages.  The answers are included with the packet. There is a section for using the task cards and links to the games I created for my classroom.

statistics1-thumb9 20150413_134156 20150413_134343

Get the Statistics Task Cards Here!

Download from TPT


I have been using Stat Task Cards in gray tones as our school does not have a color printer.  WELL!!!!  I sent them to the Central Office print shop and got them back today!!  They are beautiful!  The print shop printed them on card stock as I requested.  I am in the process of cutting out the cards, and, tomorrow morning, I will be laminating them 🙂

I haven’t decided how I am going to store these yet…  I thought about storing them in Ziploc bags…  I’ve also thought about storing them in a “See Jane Work® Decorative Storage, Card Box, 6″H x 7″W x 4″D, Blue” from Office Depot for $12.99.  If anyone has a better idea for storage, I’d LOVE to hear about it!

Here are pictures of some of the printed cards:

 20150413_134233 20150413_134240 statistics1-thumb3 statistics1-thumb4 20150413_134217 20150413_134224 statistics1-thumb6 statistics1-thumb7