I love the first few days of school when I’m getting to know my students! Super Swirlie math activity is another great activity I used last week.

Using copy paper, cut it so it makes a square. Then find the center. Put a dot in the center of the paper and draw “swirls” from the center dot to the edge of the paper. Some students will have their swirls going in different directions – this is fine, it’s their creation. Make sure the students have at least 6 sections on their paper.

Once the students have drawn their lines, they will put their first, last name, and four words that describe them into the sections. I really like it when the students make the words fit between the lines – the top of the letter and the bottom of the letter touch the swirl. Students can use bubble letters, square letters, plain writing – really this is up to the student. In any of the remaining sections the students should draw patterns.

When the students have their drawings completed in pencil, I have them use markers, crayons, or pens to decorate the swirls. Then the swirls are posted around my classroom! The students LOVE seeing their work on the wall and it’s GREAT for open house!

Student Work

Here are some examples of the students working on the super swirlie math activity: