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Random Grouping Cards

I love putting my students in groups! I believe that grouping students is an effective way to help students learn and it encourages student leadership. One of the easiest ways to group students is to use grouping cards. I made… Continue Reading →

It’s Ok Not to Know But It’s Not Ok to Not Try Math Poster

I saw the It’s Ok Not to Know But It’s Not Ok to Not Try math poster in a teacher friend’s classroom and fell in love with it! She had handwritten the message on a poster board.  I decided to… Continue Reading →

Become a Math Lawyer Defend Your Answer

Several years ago, I saw the Become a Math Lawyer poster in a teacher supply store near Nashville, TN. The poster wasn’t for sale… The clerk told me that she had made the poster as a decoration for the poster… Continue Reading →

Organizing Your Math Notebook Poster

Organizing Your Math Notebook is a classroom poster to help students maintain an organized notebook. It gives eight organizational tips to students. This poster is good for any grade level. Organizing Your Math Notebook Poster You can download the Organize… Continue Reading →

Solving using the C.U.B.E.S. Strategy

C.U.B.E.S. Solving Word Problems Strategy poster is a great poster to have in any math or language arts class. This strategy has worked very well in my classroom. Students can use a pencil for this strategy; however, my students really… Continue Reading →

Only the Educated are Free Poster

Middle school students have so many things going on in their lives – crazy hormones, peer pressure, bulling issues, boys, girls…  It’s no wonder that math isn’t on the top of their to-do list.  That’s why I really like this… Continue Reading →

Laws of Exponents Poster

This year I’ve been moved to 8th grade. I wanted the students to have a quick reference for the Laws of Exponents rules so I made a poster. I was in a hurry so it’s definately not froo-froo.    … Continue Reading →

Distributive Property Poster

I love the distributive property! My students get really excited about the distributive property. More than likely, it’s because I get so excited; however, they have a hard time remembering it from one week to the next. I don’t know… Continue Reading →

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