Symbaloo is a free social bookmarking tool. It is great for teachers who want to direct their students to specific websites. You are able to organize and store digital links in the cloud so they are available anywhere and on any device. You can have private Webmixes, shared Webmixes, public Webmixes, and you can embed your Webmix onto your website or blog. Symbaloo offers both free and paid accounts. If you are a teacher or student, try SymbalooEDU! #teachertech

Why Should Teachers Use Symbaloo?

Symbaloo helps teachers regulate and share content with their students. Teachers are able to work smarter and students are able to find content easily and quickly.

Schools are implementing BOYD methods in the classroom. Teachers are required or, at least, encouraged to keep up with the latest techology and have the students use this technology in the classroom. The large amount of websites and blogs that teachers read on their own time can become overwhelming. Symbaloo helps teachers keep their information organized and easy to find.

Symbaloo also allows teachers to share their resources with other teachers and students. You can add any link to your webmix, create several webmixes, and customize each of your tiles giving you an easy to navigate set of bookmarks. The bottom line is Symbaloo is EASY to use, orgainze, and share!

Ways You Can Use Symbaloo in the Classroom

1. Share classroom websites with your students and parents.




2. Customize your lesson plans.






3. Embed a webmix in your classroom website or blog




NOTE: I do not like the iframe that displays the Webmix.  Also, the plugin does not work with my version of WordPress. You might need to play with this to get it to work correctly.

4. Create personal learning environment for your students

5. Use it in your school library

6. Use it for curriculum mapping

7. Online PD for teachers

8. Use a Webmix as a school dashboard

9. Use a Webmix to Organize digital portfolios for students

10. Use a Webmix as a classroom social hub

11. Use it to create your classroom playlist

12. Create a Scavenger Hunt

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